Ingenious three-step life hack to ‘perfectly’ seal half-eaten bags of crisps


A TikTok user has revealed how to keep that partially eaten bag of snacks from going stale in just three easy steps, and crisp fans are loving it

A TikTok user has shared an ingenious three-step “life hack” that boasts of banishing the blight of stale crisps for ever.

Paulio used a packet of Thins Light and Tangy to demonstrate how to perfectly seal a bag of potato snacks.

In the clip, he simply folds the corners down on either side of the packet away from him and then rolls the packet downwards towards him.

By then turning the pockets over you can create an air-tight seal that will keep your snack fresh for days.

“When you tuck those little flaps over and give it a squeeze, your chips won’t come undone,” he said in the TikTok clip.

The handy tip has notched up thousands of views as social media users expressed their amazement at the simple but effective trick.

“Mate you’re living in 2040”, one impressed user wrote in response.

Another said: “Oh no I bought storage containers for my chips…”

It’s not clear where Paulio, from Melbourne in Australia, learned the nifty manoeuvre but he is not the only person to have shared it online.

Earlier this year another woman shared an identical hack to Facebook.

She said: “Apparently we have been closing the chip bags wrong” – blowing the mind of fellow foodies.

The video has been viewed more than three million times, received 8,500 likes and 7,100 comments.

One person said: “I just went through and did this to every bag we had.”

And another added: “I’m shook.”

A third also said: “I’ve been doing it this way for years no clips needed and they stay fresh.

Someone else joked: “This will be my weekend just closing boxes and bags” adding a laughing emoji.

Yet one person commented: “Oh lord lol that’s awesome but too much work.”

And: “who has the time !!?”