Woman transforms battered front door for just £6 using Mrs Hinch approved item


The DIY enthusiast took to Facebook to share how she managed to turn her basic front door and dingy porch into a bright and airy walk way for a fraction of the price it would have cost to replace it

A woman who was fed up with the dull appearance of her porch saved herself hundreds of pounds by sprucing it up herself.

Although it would have been easy enough to pay out for a brand new door, this DIY enthusiast had other ideas.

Impressed by her hard-work, she took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook to share the step-by-step process and before and after pictures of the transformation.

She captioned the post: “Instead of buying a whole new door, I just used some frenchic paint ‘wise old sage’, along with some white masonary and ta-da! (sic).”

The first thing she needed to do was give the entire area a good clean, which she achieved by using The Pink Stuff – a Mrs Hinch favourite.

Then she gave both the door and the porch a good lick of paint, and added a potted plant as well as a cute outdoor foot mat to make it look homely.

Unsurprisingly the post received a lot of attention, racking up over 6,000 likes and 300 comments.

One person said: “Looks lovely love the colour, it’s surprising what you can do. Well done x.”

Another said: “Your door looks fab. I would love to paint my back door sage, it’s not as nice as yours but it will make it a lot prettier. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you did so thoroughly, I’ll follow your advice.”

A third said: “What a difference, it’s beautiful.”

And: “Makes whole porch way look longer and wider” said a fourth.

After the post blew up she went on to tell users that she used The Pink Stuff to clean up the door first before she started painting.

She penned: “I cleaned the door using ‘the pink stuff’ but you can use sugar soap too.

“I then washed it with the hose, wiped dry, I then used a sand block from Frenchic and sanded the door, before wiping with a clean dry cloth.

“Top tip is to use the paint as if you’re running out to avoid brush marks, it looks terrible the first coat – but trust the process.

“Three coats done & I still have 3/4th Of the tin left.”

The woman also revealed that the wreath she used to decorate the door is from budget-store The Range and to secure it she used a command strip from Amazon.